Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020

Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020

KW Family Reunion 2020 Hype Video!

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Each year in the month of February,  Keller Williams (KW) agents from across the globe gather together for the much anticipated “Family Reunion”. 

Yes! The bond could even be stronger than a real life family even if one has just met a fellow KW agent from a different country. As of this writing, global KW agent count stands at 180,000.

But,  Family Reunion (FR) is not only all about new connections or rekindling old connections with fellow agents.  It is also for the understanding of the hardocre KW business, un-learning old ways, learning new concepts and even re-learning old ones.

A typical learning session hall in KW FR 2020, Courtesy of Mitch Razote.

I have not joined FR yet in the past.  As of the moment, it is just past  my 2nd year  with KW.  Even if Manila is about 13,000kms to this year’s FR venue in Dallas, Texas, I can strongly feel the energy of fellow KW partners who attended .

The Jolly Philippine delegation. Courtesy of Janette Hernandez.

I am now setting sights to join this annual event in 2021.

But for now below are images shared during the sessions  that  even if I missed it, I can easily relate to.

Courtesy of Joie Pangilinan
Courtesy of Janette Hernandez
Courtesy of Joie Pangilinan
Courtesy of Mitch Razote
Courtesy of Mitch Razote
Courtesy of Mitch Razote

Our colleague Mitch Razote, our market center’s first “capper”, promised to bring home and share the other learnings she got.

Of course, for now until the next FR in 2021, I just need to make the local sale to afford the trip and accommodation expenses!

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