Feed your mind, Feed your soul!

Feed your mind, Feed your soul!

Today, 28 March 2020 is the 16th day from March 12, when Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, announced that Metro Manila will be on community quarantine. several days later Philippine government came up with the enhanced community quarantine, from Metro Manila to expand to the whole Luzon island.

A lot has really transpired from day 1 of the community quarantine and COVID-19 has really no respect to any person. Whether you’re a royalty, a well known politician, even business tycoon, medical doctor on the frontline, a prominent lawyer, an ordinary Juan or a poor man on the street, young or old, male or female, there is always that likelihood of contracting COVID-19!

Almost all precautionary measures and tips have been shared online to avoid catching COVID-19.  And at this time, will you still continuously spend your 16 hours, more or less, to monitoring what is happening around? Will you still continue to share memes, news and sometimes even fake news?  Get a physical book, best perhaps is pick up your dusting Holy Bible, to read and learn. 

Admittedly, we are really in exciting but dangerous times. And this is the best time to hone your skills or re-discover your skills or enjoy the dramas in novels.  As an individual in brokering business, I am reminded that there is this book that I cherish until now. 

Some of the nuggets, take aways, or pointers, however you call it, are priceless!  Come on! It is not being sensitive of not minding what is happening to other people.  But what can we do?  There is really nothing much we can do.  Other people are saying we don’t have food anymore.  At this time, this can be one type of food.  It is not only our bodies that can be fed.

This helps me work better for my clients!

Get a book.  Feed your minds! Feed your soul too!

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