About LINK Business Broking Philippines

LINK Business Broking Philippines started in 2017. LINK in the Philippines is led by Efren Pascual. Efren is a vastly experienced business owner having operated ventures in the retail, wholesale, manufacturing, construction and hospitality sectors. He has owned businesses independently and as a franchisee of multiple stores in New Zealand. His first-hand experience with Business Brokers when buying and selling his own businesses revealed the valuable support, assistance and services that they provide. He became a LINK Business Broker in Auckland, New Zealand and developed a high level of expertise in guiding business owners and buyers in a wide range of business categories through the acquisition and divestment process. Local community leadership experience and excellent communication skills equip Efren well to relate to people with varying social and cultural backgrounds and at all levels of business management experience. After fifteen years in New Zealand, Efren returned home to Manila in 2016 to establish the LINK Business Brokerage in the Philippines. Efren is an excellent guide and mentor for the growing team of LINK Philippines Business Brokers and a highly competent and experienced Business Broker for business buyers and sellers.

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