Brokers Marketing Cooperation
Brokers Marketing Cooperation

This website, “” has been carefully constructed for details and for SEO operations with the intention of working with notable brokers who are known by the website publisher and intimately close.

The website was designed and aimed to be as a one-stop shop venue for businesses and real estate property for sale.  It is also the intention of the website publisher to boost exposure via Google Adsense and the various social media platforms applicable. 

Thus, marketing cooperation arrangements have been set up for easy posting, backtracking, coordination to close a sale and sharing of incomes.


Only the following submissions by REBs will be considered for posting to the website:

  1.  Best if exclusive or at least direct listings with a valid authority to sell in writing.
  2. At least 5 recent and actual (images/pictures) of the property
  3. At least Php10M asking or expected closing
  4. Transparency as to any pending extra-judicial proceedings, or any annotations as liens, encumbrances or legal proceedings or issues to ownershpe
  5. At hand copies of  the certified true copies of  the Titles and Tax Declaration. These pieces of documents will not be required initially until there is a pre-qualified buyer.

All submissions by select REBs should be sent via email and will be properly acknowledged also in email. The subject of the email should describe the property.  All submissions will be treated with confidence as to exact location and property ownership and the website publisher is committed to non-circumvention.  These are the 2 commitments to fellow brokers.

All submissions should be sent to

Minimum details to send:

  1. Floor Plan in JPG format
  2. Lot Plan and Survey Plan in JPG format
  3. Google map with indication of the property in JPG format. This is required as I or my staff can do the showing to the prospect, pre-qualified buyer.
  4. A general description of the property in MS Word file. A good description will include approximate distances to commercial centers, well-known schools, churches, hospitals or other points of interest.
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