KW Internal:  Branding!
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KW Internal: Branding!

Take a little effort and time to think about your branding. 

The basics are very easy to understand.  One step ahead is think about the  “feelings” of people who helped to close win a transaction, then think a little harder.  It is all about the “feelings of the internal people” that have helped close win the transaction.

Always think of your team.  That is the exact reason why MREA is teaching to leverage and grow big time with a team versus doing it with a small time with a small team and versus being alone most of the time, which is the actual Philippine scenario.  The understand the solo broker scenario is that the broker may be starting, or a “blank mind” as far as growing concerned or is of the paradigm of “never mind, I am contented to be small time.

When a solo broker is victorious with a closed won deal it is ok the congratulatory messages is for that particular person with a singular name.   However, it is quite different with a starting team and a veteran team, regardless of the team size and experience.   My personal position is I will refer all those congratulations to the team than me alone.  It was a team effort everybody in the team worked for it. Naturally it should be everybody in that team meriting the congratulatory work.

I am coming now from the branding of that has transitioned to   It used to be:  “How may I help you?”.  Not it is “How may we help you?”  Put yourself in the place of a customer and get a sense how they feel about the difference in the two questions.  All services extended to the public is acted upon by everybody in the team would rather be prevailing and long lasting.   I would rather have the team to get the accolades than me alone. I would rather ask the consistently, the performing team members to work with the team for the long haul.

MREA teaches underlying principles on LEADS, LISTINGS and LEVERAGE.  It makes perfect sense to make that as the order.   From a very first deal moving back, single out leads from your sphere of influence and if you only have a few, think of a massive leads generation and single out to convert that mass lead via prequalification to a smaller number who will be added to the sphere of influence.  And keep that motion going on continuously. 

The prequalified leads may have a need – to sell or to buy.  And this is the exact reason why brokering business is exciting.  Opportunities and deals are abounding.   By this time you will have all the LEADS and LISTINGS until that first successful close.

Strategy number 3 is leveraging.  After the first close don’t celebrate yet and spend the cash to enjoy.  Think always, where is the next deal  close coming from.  After each successful deal, assess if you have sufficient cash for at least one year (I call it “burning period” and the monthly amounts as the “burn rate”).  Identify your all your costs for one year.  Ask you self the question:  “Which of the spending will bring me closer to the next several sales bringing me to a target or a goal?.   The goal or target total sales is put up in consideration with the total expenses and that the bottom line will bring you to the next period.

The law R.A.9646 (Real Estate Service Act of 2009) also recognized the concept of the real estate broker (REB) needing to work with a team of 20 salespersons.  So if you’re a REB not thinking along the lines and intentions of the law, then you’re missing a lot! 

On the other hand, if you’re a REB and if you don’t know how to go about building a solid team  to grow and sustain and to grow further and to sustain further, join me at Keller Williams Makati CBD.  Click the contact button and let me know your intentions. 

Keller Williams has the system since 1983 and the guide (MREA) since 2004 and the testimony of thousands of Realtors in the US who caught the vision concept and became early adopters.   Today, it is not only the Realtors.  It is a global fever like COVID-19.   By the way. Realtor is a registered brand in the US referring to the members of the Naitonal Association of Realtors and there is an international member called International Realtor Member.  You don’t use the BRAND casually or you may be penalized.  But have you realized there is importance to the brand and you take care of it. If it’s toothpaste it is blank right?

Doing a light read to understand MREA and make MREA work when you’re outside Keller Williams will not do the trick!  Tons of training modules, tons of learning and a great global system, slowly being rolled out, called “KW Command” are the secret ingredients! 

Think again, a brand stands for something.  Take care of and protect the brand, it should be top of mind, easy to remember and stands for something.

But yes!   Your branding helps.  Give your team a name now.  And it’s Cabana Brokers for my team!

Final statement:  It is good to have a concept, and a hard plan, a good name (brand) and an experience to test and validate the plan.

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