Before I became a Real Estate and Business Broker, my business was in the IT industry which started in 2007. My business delivered foreign and local software. I also offered webpage development and webhosting.

In 2013, with dwindling sales, I felt the need to check on the next big industry. I have observed that real estate was booming with construction left and right. I decided to mellow on IT except for webhosting. After obtaining my real estate broker and appraiser licenses in 2015, I have given full time into real estate business. And in 2018, I joined Keller Williams. in 2019 I also joined LINK Business Broking Philippines. Both are all about brokering, real estate and business respectively.

Brokering will be difficult if you don’t have any web presence. If you go by the conventions of printing your advertising materials then you immediately lose money. In addition you need to distribute the materials so you lose money again.

I would like to help brokers like me to have their own websites for the measly cost of Php5,000 that includes the hosting account via, a domain, initial setup with actual hands on training.

On top of the Php5,000, the broker will prepare all the text, photos and videos – this will really require time. In the end, the broker establishes a business reputation and that is up 24×7!

What? You may ask. Aren’t websites costly? True! Starting cost may be at least Php40k. So why am I doing this? I love my fellow brokers and I want to build the trust and confidence on top of the bond that will be developed for the long term. Honestly! I need to build a network of brokers who actively solicit exclusive if not direct listings that I can also help expose.

There could be a lot of cooperation that can be developed for successful brokering!

Just let me know if you’re interested!

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