About Daniel


Daniel is fully aware that his job is to help property owners sell their real estate properties at the right price and at the right time. The right price may not necessarily mean the highest price that a seller will typically think of and the right time does not necessarily mean today. Sellers will have to contend with certain economics principles like law of supply and demand.

There are also two market forces: the buyer and the seller. Scarcity and demand usually dictates how much and how soon a businesses can sell. And sometimes the sellers attitude towards selling will play a big role.
Daniel is also aware of his second role to help seekers of property to buy or lease. The same economic principles affecting sellers apply.

Daniel’s Training and Experience
Daniel has three professional licenses: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Real Estate Broker and Appraiser. From 1980 to 2005, Daniel has also worked with various types of companies in industries as quick food service; manufacturing; retail and distribution; and construction.

In 2007, Daniel started his own software service business delivering business management software products to Philippine companies. His business is still operational to this date with partners.

In 2009, for close to 2 years, a PSE-listed food conglomerate sent him to Vietnam and China to be part of a roll-out implementation team for a network of 20 and 300 stores respectively.

In 2018, Daniel joined Keller Williams, the biggest global real estate company with 180,000 agents worldwide. Daniel was amazed until today with Keller Williams as a multinational company

What Daniel focuses on at Keller Williams Philippines?
Daniel is primarily into non-residential properties valued at least Php50M such as multiple residential properties for lease, large-sized lands, rawlands, beachfronts, commercial properties, buildings etc.

Daniel also selectively takes on residential properties of people he personally knows.

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