Bernadette D.V.C

I am a millenial entrepreneur with clients based in the U.S.  Together with my husband, we help American Realtors with their daily grind. I have been learning a lot from them in the real estate industry and also wanted to start on my real estate investing and future home. Daniel is a real estate broker who works with many developers. When he first showed me all the options in December 2017, I really got confused with his so many offerings. But it really did not end there. Daniel helped me narrow down on what could be a very good investment to start. I finally got my condominium unit at SMDC Charm Cainta. With the proper timing, I was also able to get good discounts.

Josefina A.-E., MD

I am a medical doctor permanently based in the U.S. with my four children.  Daniel was introduced to me by a long-time friend who was a high school classmate of Daniel in February 2018.  Daniel and I just had most of our communications via Viber.  Daniel was successful at getting me a buyer after 4 months with my Mandaluyong house and lot.  It was really a big help to work with a licensed real estate broker like Daniel.  And since I am also selling another property in Antipolo City, I am putting my confidence that Daniel can eventually find me another buyer and that he can assist me with all the paperworks.

Jocylyne Y.-P.

Dan is a high school classmate of mine and was successful at getting me a buyer for a lot in Cupang, Antipolo City after a little over a year that we had that initial discussion of how I can possibly sell the family property. I don’t really have a clue of how to sell the property after so many years that we really wanted to sell it. He explained to me how to go about his process of getting a buyer and updated me everytime there is a prospect buyer.

Engr. Carlo F. Q. H.

Dan is a broker who is really tech-savvy. I partnered with him in selling a residential lot in Vermont, Antipolo City owned by a friend who is based in Germany. I relied on Dan to do the necessary internet exposure and the deep contacts he has. We started working on the property in January 2017 and was eventually sold in April of the same year.